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W i n  a n  a w a r d


You can win one of these awards:
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Cool Site Awards
Skating Site Award

Gold award = 95-100 points
Silver award = 85-94 points
Bronze award = 75-84 points
Cool site award = 60-74 points
Skating site award: 1star = 50-54 points ; 2stars = 55-59 points ; 3stars = 60-74 points

General rules :

What I look after when I visit a site:
- good layout, originality, continuity in colour scheme...
- content: information, your work... not only links to other site
- easy navigation

Don't bother to apply for my awards if there's on your site:
- blinking / scroling text or animated gifs everywhere
- mutiple pop-ups or more than 2 ads on a page
- a background music and no button to stop it


Adult/pornographic, sects, degrading, satanic and/or
hateful sites can't apply for my awards

If you win:
- You will receive an E-mail with the award. You will have to link it back to my site :
- A link to your site will be added on the "previous winners" page.


To submit a site, you can fill in the form below or send me an e-mail

Contact name:
Site description:

privacy policy: Your name and e-mail will be used only to contact you if you win an award. It will never be given or sold to someone else.

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