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A w a r d s  t h i s  s i t e  h a s  w o n


A million times thank you to those who have honored
this web site with awards :-)))

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Thank you very much Lissa
"Thanks for applying for my award. Your page is awesome!"Lissa


Thank you to Midwest Gems
"Congratulations! Sites are judged based upon overall appearance, speed, navigation, use Of technology and quality of content. We also take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into developing a web site and like to award your efforts. We found your site to offer our Internet community a great service. Again, Congratulations." Midwest Gems Review Team


Thank you to NeedToShop.com
"Congratulations! Your website is truly worthy of our prestigious Excellence award!Our Excellence Award has been rated at 3.5 by Focus Associates so you should be very proud!" Michael DiLeo


Thank you very much to PeaceWork
"Greetings and congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your site has won the PeaceWork Certified Gold Site Award. You scored 290 out of a possible 300 points Thank you for submitting and again, congratulations" Sincerely, The PeaceWork Certified Site Judges' Panel: ~~ Jef, Cyd, Tig, Emma-Kate and Ramey ~~


Thank you to the Nu-Horizons Design Studio
"We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the "Fan" award and wish you every success into the future." Regards, ~~ Ted Miller - Awards Coordinator Nu-Horizons Design Studio ~~


Thank you verymuch to IME Design for this silver award!!
"Congratulations! ...we are proud to announce that you have won our SILVER award in website design excellence. You can rest safe in the knowledge that we have no distinct criteria for each of our awards but we know what we like and we liked what your site had to offer Good luck in all that you do and again, CONGRATULATIONS for all of your hard work" Regards, ~~ Graham House - IME Design ~~


Thank you so much to Beth for these 3 beautiful awards
"Congratulations!! I Feel You Deserve The Awards You Applied For!! Also I Feel That You Did A Great Job On Your Page...I Hope You Keep Up The Wonderful Job!! I'll Be Sure To Come Back From Time To Time To Check For Any Updates You May Have!! Again Congrats!! You Deserve It!! Thanks For Applying For My Awards!! ~~ Beth ~~



Thank you very much GreyWolf and Blueyes
"Thank you for your recent request for an award for your site. We (Blueyes and GreyWolf) visited your site and we are happy to say that your site shows alot of talent and hard work" ~~ Blueyes & GreyWolf ~~


Thank you for that beautiful award!


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