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A w a r d s  t h i s  s i t e  h a s  w o n


A million times thank you to those who have honored
this web site with awards :-)))

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Thank you
"Hi Sandrine, Congratulations! Your Pasha site has won
my "Splendid Skating Site" Award for this month.
Keep up the great work! Diane :) "


Thank you Dr Nad
"Congratulations! Your site has won the Dr. Nad Web Site Award for web site excellence. I found your site to be well organized, informative and very well done. The design was efficient and it presented Pasha's pictures and info. in a tasteful way. I know how difficult and time consuming it can be to build a decent site, but you have done it! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS ! Well done. Spread the word. Sincerely, Dr. Nad "


Thank you Lisa
" Congratulations! You have won the gold award! The time you put into your site shows and I am happy to award you the gold! Keep up the good work! Once again, Congratulations! Lisa "


Thank you NWS
"Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too. You have won the Bronze Award! "


Thank you Jeffrey Hughes


Thank you Tom
"Congratulations! I have visited your web site and found it to meet the criteria of our Hawk award. Sincerely, Tom High Density Computing"


Thank you Alenka and Bill
" Greetings, Thank you for applying for the Pegasus' Web Awards. The purpose of our award is to give recognition to those who have mastered the excellence in design and present us with innovative approach and & strong content. Pegasus awards are granted to exemplary and outstanding sites that stand out from the rest and are a positive contributions to the online community. We conducted an extensive review of your web site and we have found it to be eligible for our Pegasus' BRONZE web award. Thank you for applying for the Pegasus' Web Award and also thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your site.. Have a nice day, Alenka & Bill "


Thank you Tracey
"You won the Figure Skating SOTM. ~Tracey~ "


Thank you Shaun
"Hello Sandrine i have just finished reviewing your site and it was found to be well worth my award " --- best wishes --- Shaun


Thank you


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