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A w a r d s  t h i s  s i t e  h a s  w o n


A million times thank you to those who have honored
this web site with awards :-)))

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Thank you so much Su-Queen for this wonderful award!!!
This is my very first award, won on December 12th, 1999 ...
I just hoped it wouldn't also be the last one ;-)


My second award, won on December 16th, 1999!!!
Thanks to Aunt Runner... you can be sure I will visit your site very often :-)


My third award in one week!!!
I received this award from Brit and Wendy on 19th December, 1999
You've got a very pretty page, Brit!!


What a nice present for Christmas!!!
I received this award on December 24th, 1999


Another present for Christmas from Alexandra
Received on December 25th, 1999


I received this wonderful award from Alycia, on December 28th, 1999


This award seems to be done for my page: the colours fit quite well here ;-)
January 3rd, 2000 (my 1st award of the millenium, thanx Kim!!!!)


January 5th, 2000... the millenium begins pretty well!!


Randy Crossman sent me this award on January 9th, 2000


What a wonderful award!!
(given by Lee Strain on January 9th, 2000)


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