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Welcome to Pasha's online fan club,
the best place for you to meet other fans and find the latest news!!!

Fan club features:
a forum to talk about Pasha, ice-skating in general and everything you are interested in
a mailing list
a fan corner, with members profiles, your stuff (drawings, poetry, fan stories, your favourite recipes...)


About the club:

As the club aims to welcome all Pasha/figure skating fans, anyone can post on the message board and on the mailing list as long as there is nothing against ANY skater.
Non-members will have their posts moderated on the list to avoid ads and off-topic posts in the members' mail box.
Please note that members can be banned from the club if their posts are considered as offensive against ANY skater or if they don't respect the netiquette.
You can e-mail the webmaster for more information.

How to join the club:

You only have to fill in the form below. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the webmaster will have accepted your submission... please allow 24h, the webmaster is a human being who sleeps, eats, works and also have a social life ;-)

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