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written press
Blades on Ice Newsbriefs
By Marge Reynolds - June 1, 2001
"Pasha to film life story"

Dancers of the past
By Paula Slater - , 2000
A look back at ice dancers from the past

Interview with Pasha Grishuk
By Paula Slater - , 2000

Blades on Ice Newsbriefs
By Marge Reynolds - March 10, 2000
"Pasha Grishuk took to the ice again, this time as a singles skater..."

Article from East Express
By Ralf Meir - from West German magazine "East Express" Sport 05 May 1999
"Ice-dancing duet Pasha Grishuk/Evgeny Platov is split up.

Interview from ASW magazine


Audio files
1998 Olympic Games

On this the best win of her career (2/16/1998)
On winning the gold a dream (2/16/1998)
On competing with herself when she skates (2/15/1998)
On women being more competitive than men in figure skating (2/13/1998)


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