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Pasha skating school
October 8th, 2001
2-time Olympic Gold medalist -1994 and1998. 5 time World champion 1994 -1998, Oksana 'Pasha' Grishuk is now available for private and group classes: skating, choreography, ballet, modern-jazz. In the state of CA: Los Angeles and Orange County. For information call (310) 790-0207 or send an e-mail to:
( posted by Jim Hodges)


Pasha in SoCal Ice Magazine
July 2001
The League of Experts - "We're excited to welcome the reigning Olympic Ice Dancing Champion, Pasha Grishuk to SoCal Ice Magazine's, League of Experts. In her debut article, Miss Grishuk shares her opinion on the current crop of eligible ice dancers."
( posted by Christian )


Pasha at "Yuri's night"Celebrating Yuri Gagarin and the Space Shuttle
April 12th, 2001
Pasha attended space's anniversary "Yuri's night" at a dance club in Hollywood called "The Palace." It is the 40th anniversary of the Russian achievement of launching the first human into space, and the 20th anniversary of the American achievement of launching the first reusable human spacecraft
(posted Dean Sumer, coordinator at the event)

PashaPasha To Film Life Story
June 1st, 2001
Two-time (and reigning) Olympic Champion Gold Medal figure skater Ms. "Pasha" Oksana Grishuk and Samaco Productions enter into an agreement to develop a movie based on Ms. Grishuk's life story. Tentative title - "Pasha Grishuk - Live to Tell."
"I am very excited my Life Story is going to be made into a movie. There have been so many fascinating twists and turns in my life; several hidden, surprising and shocking aspects of which hitherto unknown; even to my family and closest friends, will now be told," said Ms. Grishuk.
"Now is 'perfect timing,' with Pasha a reigning Olympic Champion, and with less than a year till the next Winter Olympics - over with a billion viewers worldwide, the interest in figure skating and her Life story movie will be huge. Our goal is to have this movie on screen by January 2002", according to the President/ CEO of Samaco Productions, Mr. Franco Sama.
"We are now in active discussions with various entities who have indicated they would like to either take over the whole project by themselves or co-produce with us. We are very flexible, will look at all scenarios and talk with whatever qualified parties are available," said Jay Ward, Pasha's manager.
"Pasha" Oksana Grishuk is now a professional solo skater ('Medallists on Ice', 'Beverly Hills on Ice', 'Nutcracker on Ice') and one of the most successful ice dancers in history. Winner of an unprecedented, and back-to-back, two Olympic Gold medals in Ice Dancing. Ms. Grishuk is also a five time World Champion (one junior, four at senior level) and has won an astounding '26 gold medals.' She has two State 'Orders' from President Yeltzin; A Proclamation from the Patriarch of Moscow for her charitable works and "The key to the City" of Marlborough, MA.' She is also an actress ('Beverly Hills 90210', 'Black Scorpion', 'Happy Hour') a commentator ('Sleeping Beauty on Ice', 'Eurosport TV') and is the host and co-producer of "The iPasha Show" Pasha would like to thank her sponsors: Harlick Skates, John Wilson & Co. - Gold Seal Blades, and Fortis Chronograph.
Samaco Productions was founded by Company President Franco Sama after a long career as a publicist to renowned celebrity photographer Jay Spence. He has worked with celebrities such as Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Gary Oldman and Lynn Redgrave on their projects.The slate of company projects include: “ThrEway,” an exciting, innovative interactive game show, “Little Girl Dreams,” an original screenplay based on the tragic life of the late Dorothy Dandridge (intended to star Vanessa Williams) and “Charm School,” a quick witted comedy feature that is currently being reviewed for distribution at DreamWorks. To date the company has completed numerous projects with another three in development, including Ms. Grishuk's. The aim of the company was to create a slate of product that would "enrich, enlighten, entertain and inspire the lives of those who view them," said Mr. Sama.
(From Blades on ice, June 2001)


"The iPasha Show Featuring Two-Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk"
May 7, 2001
Debuts On The Web - Los Angeles, CA May 7, 2001- Lightforce Internet Media Inc., in association with Pasha Grishuk and Jay Ward TPM Management and Productions, debuted the first of 13 episodes of the pop culture lifestyle show on the Web this past Friday May 4th.
Webcast on a channel wholly owned by Lightforce Internet Media, Inc.
The iPasha Show is a funny, sexy, edgy and informative show that will appeal to 14 - 30 old netizens. This week's special guest is the sexy and multi-talented European performer and BMG recording artist Emel. The show taped at the Lightforce Media Works studios in Culver City California is directed by Robert Pfitzner who also Executive produced with partner Jay Malla. Handling the Digital photography was DP John Rhode. "We are very excited about the show's potential. Pasha is a very special talent. She's classy, passionate and very dedicated to giving the best performance", says Jay Malla. "This show is a work in progress, we plan to keep experimenting, pushing the envelope always trying to be fresh, ahead of the curve" says director Robert Pfitzner. "The show has booked some way cool guests that will keep us entertained this summer", say the producers. Plans call for a new episode every two weeks. The show has sealed its first charter sponsor Audioramp. "We are very happy to be associated with the show," says, president Dan Sheppard. "We had a very constructive relationship with Malla and Pfitzner they are tuned into new technology that is why we work so well together". "They're cutting edge and we like that," says Audioramp marketing head Robert Brown.
For Programming Information click on, visit or call the hot line 310-226-6199.
(posted by Jim Hodges)


A new fan club is now online!
March 1st 2001
You are very welcome to new Pasha fan club!
Hope you will enjoy it! Warmest regards and much fun!
(posted by Christian Pruß)


Pasha acts in Black Scorpion TV series!
February 14th, 2001
"Cop by day, masked crusader by night"
Where: Sc-Fi channel. When: Episode 9 "Officer and a Prankster – Gangster Prankster". Air date: Friday March 2nd. Series runs friday evening's at 8:00 and 10:00 pm EST.
Pasha had much fun meeting such great actors and all the people who made this film. She was extremely excited to see all the design, decoration, masks and many other interesting things behind the scene. She was also glad to learn more about the film and happy to get more experience about film production.
(info by Sonja)


Pasha is honored by famous artist!
February 4th, 2001 Laguna Beach, CA.
Grand opening of World famous artist, Christian Riese Lassen's latest gallery, benefitting the Millers Children's Hospital and Friends of the Sea Lions. " 8:00pm. Special presentation to Pasha Grishuk, two-time Olympic Gold Medal figure skating champion" Pasha will be presented with an original, signed 'scape' by the artist honoring her work with children's charities. Take a look at the Christian Riese Lassen's site: choose the 'flash' version (top) for amazing special effects/sounds. Click on 'upcoming appearances' or 'events', then on 'California' to find the original announcement!
(posted by Jim Hodges)


Nutcracker on iceNutckracker on Ice
December 10th, 2000
Due to the outstanding success of Nutcracker on Ice and the great demand for tickets, Pasha and her wonderful cast and crew have consented to add 6 more shows to their schedule in Biloxi. My thanks to Pasha and her cast for meeting their fans wishes and congratulations for a great job. You, your cast and crew and your management are truely angels to allow as many people as possible to see your interpretation of a fine classic.
(posted by Jim Hodges)


Nutcracker on iceNutcracker on Ice rehearsals
November 23-27 2000
ere we all are. Principal Skater, Ms. Pasha Grishuk with ten cast members, Producer, Director, Stage manager, Choreographer and Costume Master. It's cold on this ice! Welcome to showbiz!, LOL
Full size rink. Because of difficulty in booking ice time we have to rehearse in the 'twilight zone', 11:00am-8:00pm!. Only problem is that 'some' people have to work during the day too, and sleep only three/fourhours per day. Grrrrrr...
Day (err, night!) one... Cast is disoriented and tired already from travelling. Our 'intrepid' Head Choreographer (Yuliana Malkhaissants from the Bolshoi Theatre) doesn't care! - the show must go on - and we finish nine hours later... a few of our younger,less travelled skaters wondered what they had signed up for!(LOL.) Pasha's 'Prince' has been chosen. A Russian 'gentleman' 26 years old and a great skater! They break off and begin to rehearse separately from the others. Pasha is given the job of choreographing ALL their routines!! Together they skate a wonderful 'adagio' that will bring tears to your eyes - very romantic!!! Pashenka's height extention on her 'spiral' is something amazing to behold - her own Bolshoi Ballet training is soooo obvious to see.
Day (well night) two and the 'cast' is beginning to resemble a 'touring troupe'. Every scene has been meticulously choreographed down to the NOTE,and progress is seen to be made. (Aside: Some of the younger ensemble cast had NO idea in the beginning WHO the "beautiful, wonderful female skater" was and were IN AWE when they discovered that it is indeed 'THE' Pasha Grishuk, Two-time (and current) Olympic Champion... they gave her a standing ovation at the end of one of her routines!!!)
Day (er, night) three and Our Pashenka is given 'the news' that due to time constraints she must choreograph two solo numbers for herself also! She goes at it with a vengeance... soon she has it down, throwing in two double sal's one after the other - with amazing spins, spirals and the fastest and most agile footwork I have ever seen - she truly flies over the surface... looking VERY happy and content!!! The ice IS her element after all!. The cast is now learning how to act like 'rats' for one scene, LOL, and it's pretty funny to watch )) Our Choreographer decides (at the last minute!) that she wants to change some music - so we dash to the sound studio. (The hotel computer decides NOT to verify our charge account for food - so the fearless Producer has to sort out the mess)... Oh well, who ever said it was going to be easy??? EVERY day there is some fire to put out!
Day (whatever!) four. Time has no meaning now. Just eat (food is good!)sleep, skate and... repeat the process all over again. Costumes are fitted during the day. Of course some alterations have to be made - we have over FORTY outfits! Pashenka has three magnificent dresses!!! One a silver sequensed top ballgown, another a long, slinky white gown with feathers at the bottom (ideal for an 'ICE'Princess !!!) and the third was a custom made 'young girl dress' in pink by one of the top designers in Vegas! (He has designed for every top performer ever to play here.) Rehearsals are a little shorter this evening... fatigue is setting in, and there is a 'night out' planned 'on the town'!
Day five
... Three hours of rehearsing only. We have to leave at the 'ungodly' hour of 4:00 am!!!, to catch a 6:15am flight to New Orleans, then by bus to Biloxi, about an hour away. A 24 seat coach is booked to carry us with luggage and ten cartons of outfits to the airport, en route to our final destination - for 17 performances, Dec. 1st thru 17th!!! The Beaurivage in Biloxi is an 1800 room 5 star resort on the Gulf Coast Our public (and local TV/newspapers/radio await!) - Pashenka will be appearing thursday 30th. on WLOX TV for a LIVE interview, 4:15-4:30pm CST, and interviewed by the Sun Herald newspaper too! J. Barry Mittan will be taking photographs for publication. At fridays 'dress rehearsal' ALL the skaters will be shown on WLOX TV - so look your best guys!

(posted by Jim Hodges)


Sharon WisselNutcracker on Ice - Cast of skaters
November 22nd, 2000
Two new skaters have been chosen by Pasha and her management to be added to the cast of Nutcracker on Ice. One of the skaters is Sharon Wissel, a professional from the New England Figure Skating Club in Marlboro, Massachusetts where Pasha skated prior to moving to California. Miss Wissel has extensive skating experience in the ameture ranks and has been the coach and choreographer for several members of the Japanese and Mexican national teams. In her never ending attempts to give new skaters a chance to perform in the limelight and introduce them to the world, the second new member selected for the cast is Miss Suzanna Hodges. Suzanna has been selected as one of the 14 skaters between the ages 13 - 18 years of age to be a presenter at the 2001 Nationals in Boston. This is the initial show for Suzanna at this high magnitude. We wish both new cast members success. Once more Pasha shows she is not afraid to share the limelight and give young skaters a break into the big time.
(posted by Jim Hodges)


Beverly Hills on Ice" Beverly Hills on Ice - a Winter Wonderland"
Sunday November 19th 2000

This great ice show was put together by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and was the major part and focal point of the City's 15th annual holiday lighting ceremony. One of the most famous streets in the World - Rodeo Drive, was closed and a portable rink approx. 40ftX60ft was put up at the Wilshire Blvd end. Three tons of crushed ice were hosed down by water for 24 hours, until a beautiful ice surface was created. About 1,000 seats (VIP, reserved, bleachers) were installed. Of course many more watched from the windows of nearby buildings. The show sold out! Professional lighting and sound was installed all around the rink. The ice was beautifully illuminated. Famous Hollywood actress Catherine Hicks introduced the show. First up was "Pasha and Cast", a nice ensemble number. Skating to 'Carol of the Bells'.

Members included: Lucinda Ruh, Surya Bonaly, Lu Chen, Scott Williams, Travoti & Witherby and "special guest" eight year old Marina Guterres - who won a competition to skate with Pasha! Next was "Lucinda Ruh", skating to 'Piano Concerto #1'. Great spins and combinations of same. The "City of Angels Ice Theatre" (eight local female skaters) performed to 'Les Patineurs'. "Surya Bonaly" performed a nice program to "Anastasia" (complete with backflip!) and "Lu Chen" (looking great in a white shiny and fur lined costume !) vamped her way thru 'Santa Baby!' Next was "Scott Williams" who 'barrel-rolled' his way thru 'Let it Snow.' Then a long time pro couple, "Lia Travoti & Russ Witherby" skated to 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.' Next up was "eight year old Marina Guterres" who cried when chosen, as Pasha is her "inspiration" - and she was absolutely "thrilled" to be skating with our Ice Angel! She skated to 'Somewhere in My Memory' - very cute!!! Then the Star of the show emerged again, Pasha skated to "Magic". This was a very special routine that she put together with Cindy Stuart. Spending hours too with a professional magician from Los Angeles' Magic Castle. The routine involved Marina Guterres again.

Pasha skated a number of solo moves: including beautiful handwork, spins, spirals and amazing footwork, solo and withg Marina!!!! (The finished TV shots are incredible!). Pasha's hair and makeup was specially done by Jose Eber salon of Beverly Hills. Pasha wore a newly made outfit - mostly pink, with scarves and lots of sequence! (Here is the BEST part!!! LOL): The end of Pasha's routine involved making a 'white Dove' appear (by magic!) to be released into the night... Pasha took the bird home with her (to look after!) two day's prior to the show (had to be trained - ya know!,LOL) The day before the show, the 'bird' became "real quiet" - and Pashenka was worried... everyone said "no problem". Then five minutes before the show Pasha discovered WHY the bird was sooooo quiet. When she opened the birdbox - she saw a beautiful bird EGG!!!! Unbelievable! So Pasha decided to not use the Dove after all, LOLOL!!. Of course the audience had no clue! Next "Rick Alexander" skated to 'Waltz of the Flowers/Jingle Bells Rock'. Finally Santa Claus and Marina appeared skating to'Sleigh Ride', followed by the entire ensemble and cast. Last to appear (of course!) was Our Ice Angel... who skated some more great moves to the delight of the guests!!!! The lights of the City of Beverly Hills were then turned on by the Mayor. The skaters and their VIP guests were then treated to a champagne reception at Tiffany's on Rodeo Drive - complete with little Xmas gifts!!! This show was televised and will be shown on local cable tv - keep your eye's open!!!
(posted by Jim Hodges)


" Sleeping Beauty on Ice" : the video
he St Petersburg State ice Ballet puts an enchanting spin on the classic fairy tale! Order your copy of Sleeping Beauty on Ice, narrated by Two-time Olympic Champion Pasha Grishuk. See the St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet skate this enchanting fairy tale.
The beloved fairy tale is brought to life by the company that established ice ballet in Russia in a performance from its first tour ever of the United States. Founded in 1967, the St. Petersburg State Ballet now boasts 100 skaters, with more that 800 costumes, that grace the mirror-like surface of the ice. With the music of Peter Illich Tchaikovsky and choreography by Konstantin A. Rassadin, himself a star for 23 years of the Maryinsky Theatre of Opera and Ballet of St. Pertersburg (formally the Kirov Theatre), Sleeping Beauty dazzles and entertains. Featuring international award-winning Russian skaters performing breathtaking jumps and spins and narrated by two times Olympic Champion, four times World Champion and three times European Champion Ice Dance, Pasha Grishuk, Sleeping Beauty will captivate you with its charming and elegant kingdom on ice.
The classic take begins with and evil spell cast on a baby princess at her christening by a jealous wicked fairy. Watch the adventure unfold as the evil spell comes true and meet the one person who can free the princess from her horrible fate. Then join a special celebration that will include appearances of sime of your favorite fairy tale characters such as Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots and the Bluebird. VHS only. Running time approx 55mins. Color. ALL profits/royalties will go to Pasha's favorite charity - Orphan houses."
(Produced by BMPTV Corp.)


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