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CD: Compulsory dance | OD: Original Dance | FD: Free Dance | EX: Exhibition


1989-90 OD: "Moliendo Cafe"
FD: "Zorba the Greek"
1990-91 FD: Italian airs: "Tarantella", "O Sole Mio", "Funiculi Funicula"
1991-92 CD: (Olympics) 1- Paso Doble / 2- Blues
CD: (Worlds) Viennese Waltz
OD: Polka
FD: "Schön Rosmarin" and "Liebesleid" (by Fritz Kreisler)
EX: Blues ('91 original dance)
1992-93 CD: Westminster Waltz
FD: "St. James Infirmary" Blues
1993-94 CD: (Olympics) 1- Blues / 2- Starlight Waltz
CD: (Worlds) 1- Starlight Waltz / 2- Tango Argentina
OD: Quickstep
FD: "Rock Around the Clock"
EX: "I Will Always Love You" (by Whitney Houston)
EX: "Rock Around the Clock" (vocal version)
1994-95 CD: (Worlds) 1- Blues / 2- Starlight Waltz
OD: Rumba: "Historia de um Amor"
FD: "Stepping Out"
EX: "Adagio" (by Albinoni)
1995-96 CD: (Worlds) Silver Samba
OD: Paso Doble
FD: Latin-American Musics from the "Mambo Kings" soundtrack
EX: "You'll See" (by Madonna)
1996-97 CD: (Worlds) Golden Waltz
OD: Tango: "Libertango" (by Astor Piazzola)
FD: "This Feeling Begins" by Peter Gabriel, from "Passion")
EX: "You'll See" (by Madonna)
1997-98 OD: (Worlds) Golden Waltz
OD: Jive Rock: "Jail House Rock"
FD: "Memorial" (by Michael Nyman, from "After Extra Time")
EX: "You'll See" (music by Madonna)
EX: "Foxy Lady"( by Jimmy Hendrix)

1998-99 FD: Enigma
FD: "Unbreak My Heart" (by Tony Braxton)

2000 "L for Love" (by Richard Clayderman)
"Waiting for Tonight" and "If You Had My Love" (by Jennifer Lopez)
2001 "Nutcraker" (by Tchaikovsky)

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