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Pasha's career is absolutely extraordinary:
she's won 2 Olympic gold medals, 5 World gold medals and 3 European gold medals.


1986-87 1st, International Junior Championship, Korea
1987-88 2nd, Junior World Championships - Kitchener, Canada
1988-89 1st, Russian National Championships
1st, Junior World Championships - Brisbane, Australia


1989-90 2nd, NHK Trophy - Kobe, Japan
5th, European Championships - Leningrad, USSR
5th, World Championships - Halifax, Canada
1990-91 5th, European Championships - Sofia, Bulgary
4th, World Championships - Munich, West germany
1991-92 2nd, NHK Trophy - Japan
3rd, European Championships - Lauzanne, Switzerland
4th, XVI Olympic Winter Games - Albertville, France
3rd, World Championships - Oakland, California, USA
1992-93 2nd, European Championships - Helsinki, Finland
2nd, World Championships - Prague, Czech Republic
1st, NHK Trophy - Japan
1993-94 2nd, European Championships - Copenhagen, Denmark
1st, XVII Olympic Winter Games - Lillehammer, Norway
1st, World Championships - Chiba, Japan
1994-95 1st, Skate America 1st, Trophée de France
1st, World Championships - Birmingham, Great Britain
1995-96 1st, Russian Nationals
1st, Centennial on Ice
1st, Champions' Series Final - Paris, France
1st, European Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria
1st, World Championships - Edmonton, Canada
1996-97 1st, Trophée de France
1st, Cup of Russia - Saint Petersburg, Russia
1st, Pro-Am competition - New York, USA
1st, Skate America
1st, Russian National Championships
1st, Champions' Series Final - Germany
1st, European Championships - Paris, France
1st, World Championships - Lausanne, Switzerland
1997-98 1st, Trophée Lalique - Paris, France
1st, NHK Tophy - Japan
1st, European Championships - Milan, Italy
1st, XVIII Olympic Winter Games - Nagano, Japan


1998-99 1st, JP Pro Figure Skating Championship


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